Radiator Repair

We offer radiator repair
At Davis Auto repair, we offer radiator repair in Saginaw County, MI. We replace both radiators and condensers.

  • Replace radiators
  • Replace condensers

Don’t let your vehicle overheat

Without a working radiator, vehicles overheat and cease to function.

What’s happening with your radiator

The radiator sends coolant through tubes to keep the engine at a stable temperature. Eventually the coolant tank can crack, leak coolant, clog up, and coolant ceases to be evenly distributed.

Your engine parts cause friction, which causes heat. While your engine needs to be at a certain temperature to run, the heat must be controlled by your cooling system and radiator so your vehicle doesn’t heat to levels that damage the engine, causing blown head gaskets, warped heads, and/or engine failure.

Get your radiator flushed

Getting your radiator flushed prevents clogs before they happen. Flushes prevent rust and corrosion from entering your engine parts, heater core, and water lines. Flushing is not only good for your radiator, but it also helps prevent your head gasket from blowing.

Pay attention to what your vehicle is telling you

Pay attention to your vehicle’s temperature gauge. Also, if you see a puddle of coolant under your engine, address the problem immediately. As a general rule, when you procrastinate, problems often cost more in the long run when you finally come into the shop. Don’t let this happen to you! Let us address the problem sooner rather than later.


Signs to get your radiator check out:

  • Leaking coolant
  • Engine’s temperature consistently runs too hot
  • Don’t delay on replacing your radiator!

Sometimes you don’t catch radiator problems right away. But, as soon as you spot a problem, bring your vehicle in to get it repaired. Compared to replacing your engine, a radiator replacement is much more economical.

Bottom line?

With regular service, including a periodic flush, you will be in good shape.

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