Bumps and Scratches

Nicks and scratches? No problem!
It’s the worst. You’re in the parking lot and notice that your car has been scratched or dented. The driver one spot over must have hit your car and didn’t even leave a note! Don’t fear: Davis Auto repair provides quality car scratch repair in Saginaw County, MI, that can restore your vehicle so it’s almost as if the bump or scratch had never happened!

High-quality Glaserit paint
We proudly use Glaserit brand paint. This high-quality paint is guaranteed for the lifetime of your vehicle. Glaserit also has a database so we can find the exact color of your car – even historic vehicles! Glaserit offers:

  • Over 250,000 original colors
  • Over 650,000 mixing formulas
  • Comprehensive library of color programs

Wherever the bump or scratch, we’ll fix it
Hoods, doors, roofs, fenders, and bumpers will all dent with enough force applied. Abandoned shopping carts rolling, a hailstorm, or a backyard ballgame gone awry … there are many ways a vehicle can get dinged.

For function, for aesthetics
It’s important to address the issue as soon as you can. Car scrapes, scuffs, paint chips, and scratches detract from your vehicle’s appearance and decrease its resale value. However, beyond merely looks, if bumps and scratches are left untreated and exposed to the elements, eventually the problem can get worse and ultimately ruin your car’s finish.

Ready to make your car or truck look good as new?

Affordable Quality Repair